4 Benefits of a Car Accident Report

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4 Benefits of a Car Accident Report

If you’re hoping to recover damages from your car accident, a car accident report from the police can be very helpful. You can still pursue a claim without one, but an official police report can go a long way to protect your rights.It Provides Documentation of the Accident

It sounds silly, but without a completed car accident report, the other driver’s insurance company may question whether a car wreck happened at all. Having a police officer come to the scene and make an official report provides written proof that there was indeed an accident. It Provides Details of the Accident

Most car accident reports include a description of the car wreck a diagram of where the cars were located, and even the officer’s opinion about what or who was responsible. An experienced car accident attorney will review the accident report to get a good picture of what happened at the scene and determine a course of action. It Provides Details of the People Involved

When involved in a minor accident, most people will simply exchange information with the other driver and commit to working it out later. What happens, though when you don’t hear from the other driver? How do you know for sure who was even driving the car that night? How will you be able to prove what happened?

A car accident report gathers vital information regarding the drivers, witnesses and the police officers involved so that you can follow up on your claim. It provides valuable contact information for your car wreck attorney and helps ensure that your claim is filed against the correct person. It Provides Information for the Officer to use in Court

Police officers deal with multiple car accidents every day. The odds of the officer remembering your car wreck are pretty small. A car accident report provides the police officer a written account that he or she can use as a reference in court.

Our opinion as experienced wreck attorneys is that you should always wait for the police to make an official report of your accident – especially if you were injured. While you can still make a claim for your car accident injuries without a report, it is better to be safe and have the documentation that you need. Call Today for a Free Consultation

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