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There are many different types of car wrecks. It may be helpful for you to understand more about the type of accident that has injured you or a loved one. You can get a better understanding of what may have caused the accident, the party who should be held responsible, and what you may possibly recover for your losses.

Please review the information and links we have provided in this section and contact an experienced car crash attorney from our firm to discuss the specific aspects of your case.


Common causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving
    Drivers that have their attention diverted to distractions are more likely to cause accidents. Driving distractions may include: Eating/drinking, talking, brushing hair or putting on makeup, reading books/maps, using GPS devices, watching videos, tuning radios.
  • Texting-While-Driving
    Drivers who are texting on a cell phone have both their hands and eyes distracted from the road. You are 23 times more likely to get into a crash when you are texting while driving than you would be if you were driving without a distraction.
  • Drowsy Driving
    Drivers who don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to causing accidents. The body requires rest in order to remain alert and have a fast enough reaction time to prevent an accident. Drowsy driving accidents are both common and dangerous.
  • Drugged Driving
    Drivers under the influence of any drug that impairs one’s motor skills, reaction time, or judgment have a higher risk of causing accidents. Drugged driving is a threat to the safety of motorists and is considered to be negligence.
  • Drunk Driving
    Drunk driving, like drugged driving, is a common cause of car accidents. If one’s mind is impaired, their ability to drive also becomes impaired. Drunk driving crashes have a horrible impact on victims and their families.
  • Speeding
    Speeding causes accidents because speeding drivers often don’t have enough time to stop or avoid a collision. Speed limits are in place to keep drivers safe and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Drivers who speed are driving recklessly.
  • Reckless Driving
    Reckless driving can include speeding, running lights, failing to yield, weaving, tailgating, racing, or other negligent actions while driving. Reckless driving puts other drivers at risk and is a common cause of car accidents.


Common types of car accidents include:

  • Head-on Collisions
    Negligence usually plays a role in head-on collisions. These types of collisions are among the most devastating.
  • Highway Construction Accidents
    Construction companies have a responsibility to not cause accidents. Other drivers should drive more carefully in highway construction areas.
  • Intersection Accidents
    Accidents at intersections are usually caused because someone made a driving error, which could be attributed to negligence.
  • Interstate Accidents
    Accidents on the interstate can be more serious due to the speeds at which the cars are traveling.
  • Rear-End Accidents
    Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of accidents, and they frequently cause whiplash.
  • Side-Impact Accidents
    Side-impact accidents are also common, and usually occur at intersections. They can cause more injuries depending on where the car was hit.

4 Benefits of a Car Accident Report

HomeArticlesPersonal Injury4 Benefits of a Car Accident Report

4 Benefits of a Car Accident Report

If you’re hoping to recover damages from your car accident, a car accident report from the police can be very helpful. You can still pursue a claim without one, but an official police report can go a long way to protect your rights.It Provides Documentation of the Accident

It sounds silly, but without a completed car accident report, the other driver’s insurance company may question whether a car wreck happened at all. Having a police officer come to the scene and make an official report provides written proof that there was indeed an accident. It Provides Details of the Accident

Most car accident reports include a description of the car wreck a diagram of where the cars were located, and even the officer’s opinion about what or who was responsible. An experienced car accident attorney will review the accident report to get a good picture of what happened at the scene and determine a course of action. It Provides Details of the People Involved

When involved in a minor accident, most people will simply exchange information with the other driver and commit to working it out later. What happens, though when you don’t hear from the other driver? How do you know for sure who was even driving the car that night? How will you be able to prove what happened?

A car accident report gathers vital information regarding the drivers, witnesses and the police officers involved so that you can follow up on your claim. It provides valuable contact information for your car wreck attorney and helps ensure that your claim is filed against the correct person. It Provides Information for the Officer to use in Court

Police officers deal with multiple car accidents every day. The odds of the officer remembering your car wreck are pretty small. A car accident report provides the police officer a written account that he or she can use as a reference in court.

Our opinion as experienced wreck attorneys is that you should always wait for the police to make an official report of your accident – especially if you were injured. While you can still make a claim for your car accident injuries without a report, it is better to be safe and have the documentation that you need. Call Today for a Free Consultation

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, you may think you need to do nothing more than work with insurance companies. Even if the at-fault party does not have coverage, you could have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Even if the at-fault party does not have g on insurance companies is they do not always have customers’ and victims’ most favorable interests.

Hiring a car accident lawyer fills the gaps left by the insurance companies. Leaving a car accident in an insurance provider’s hands could cause more financial harm. Injured motorists have several reasons to turn their case over to a New York auto accident attorney.

How Accident Attorneys Help With Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

A car accident case’s success could hinge on securing the proper legal representation. Car insurance companies have their legal representatives, so car accident victims should, too. That way, the legal playing field becomes balanced. Motor vehicle accident attorneys advocate for their clients, representing them before a judge, jury, and insurance companies.

Communicate With the Insurance Company

We believe that auto insurance companies may not offer fair settlements, even for legitimate claims for car accident injuries, because they want to save money for their shareholders. In our experience, it seems that insurance adjusters may go out of their way to avoid paying a claim’s total value. Worse, the injured person may not realize their claim’s worth and accept the initial offer. Sometimes, adjusters use victims’ words against them to deny their claims. That is why victims should not speak to insurance representatives without consulting with an attorney.

Those inexperienced in dealing with insurance businesses may not know the tricks companies use or learn to look out for their interests. After getting into car accidents, victims should focus on recovering, not arguing with insurance carriers. A car accident lawyer in New York can take over the case and create a strategy to help recover every penny of compensation the injured party needs and deserves.

When legal representatives communicate with insurance companies, they focus on negotiating with adjusters. Attorneys also take over all details of the victim’s claim and draft verbal and written statements to support their case.

Receive Medical Care

After a car accident, a victim could require additional medical treatment. Injuries could worsen, or the person may suffer further harm related to the auto accident. By notifying their legal representative, clients will help secure their medical benefits and they could increase their chances of getting the proper care and recovering faste.

Prove Liability for the Car Accident Victim’s Injuries

Harmed victims bear the burden of proof in motor vehicle accident cases. That means they must gather evidence that shows the at-fault party’s negligence caused serious injuries and harm. Of course, negligent individuals attempt to shift blame or demonstrate how the injured party’s actions contributed to their injuries. Rather than split their focus between collecting proof and recovering, those injured benefit from letting experienced legal representatives prove liability.

Car Accident Lawyers in New Rochelle, New York

Car accident lawyers have the experience and resources needed to build a solid case against negligent parties. New York injury attorneys make powerful arguments by consulting expert health care professionals to validate client injuries. They may need to consult with other professionals to establish fault. Lawyers may also investigate the accident details and gather witness statements to determine what happened during the collision. A client’s accident report and medical records also help build a case.

While proving liability, it may turn out that the victim contributed to the car accident, which is contributory negligence. Bearing partial fault may not prevent harmed parties from recovering damages. Despite contributory negligence, a person could still recover compensation. Whether a victim recovers damages after contributing to an accident depends on the state.

Car Accident Damage in New York

In pure contributory negligence states, if a person bears even 1% fault for a car crash, they cannot receive damages. In pure comparative fault states, parties could recover compensation equal to the other party’s fault percentage. For instance, if the at-fault party is 60% at fault and the injured party  suffered $100,000 in damages, the injured party can only recover 60% of those losses from the at-fault party, which equals $60,000.

Get Faster Compensation

If a car accident victim does not accept an insurance company’s initial offer, they could wait to recover. This makes sense, but waiting could cost them. While healing, the victim may face a mountain of medical bills, unpaid debts, and unmet financial obligations. The person’s financial health could take a severe hit, leading to more complications. Legal representatives can save victims time and help them receive compensation faster. Legal representatives will also take all necessary steps to fully understand the full extent of the injuries involved and how much to seek in damages. Lawyers also help victims understand New York’s statute of limitations, limiting how long a person has to take legal action.

Resist Scare Tactics

To force accident victims to submit to low-ball settlements, insurance providers may resort to scare tactics. Injured individuals may not have the energy to argue, and some medications make it hard to think clearly. Experienced lawyers understand underhanded strategies and the know-how to defuse them. 

Calculate the Full Value of a Victim’s Injuries

Insurance companies may try to get away with offering unfair settlements by undervaluing the victim’s injuries. For instance, say a person gets into an accident and suffers physical injuries and car damage. While the insurance provider may offer a fair settlement to repair the damaged vehicle, their bodily injury settlement may fall short. Some injury symptoms take days or weeks to appear, meaning victims may not understand the full scope of their harm until much later after the collision. If they accept an insurance adjuster’s initial offer, they could cheat themselves out of compensation for future medical treatments.

After getting into a motor vehicle accident, a person may need to take time off work. An insurance settlement may account for the first two weeks an injured victim takes off, but the person could need more recovery time. Depending on the severity of injuries, harmed individuals may qualify for pain and suffering damages. Injuries could cause anxiety, PTSD, depression, or stress, any of which could increase the victim’s extent of losses.

Offer Peace of Mind

Even after a minor car accident, a person may have several questions and uncertainties to navigate. Having access to someone experienced with motor vehicle accidents may bring accident victims peace of mind. Attorneys help victims manage their stress and understand where to focus their energies. Without this guidance, injured parties could suffer considerable mental and emotional unease.

Negotiate a Balanced Settlement

Insurance companies look out for their interests, and car accident attorneys look out for their client’s interests. Not only do experienced legal representatives negotiate with insurance providers, but they also work with the at-fault party’s attorney. With so many parties at play and so much at stake, those injured deserve someone on their side. Motor vehicle accident lawyers know the facts and issues insurance companies and other attorneys make priority to win a case. This knowledge helps car accident attorneys mount a counterattack.

Break Down Relevant Regulations and Laws

Motor vehicle accident victims should understand how insurance policies work. That way, they know whether an insurance carrier acts in good faith and honors a contract’s contents. Legal jargon may easily overwhelm uninjured persons, let alone accident victims. Harmed individuals cannot afford to waste a moment on their legal case, making it essential to consult with a knowledgeable legal professional. An experienced NYC car accident attorney will know how to untangle agreements and connect them to relevant laws and regulations.

Having a legal background helps attorneys explain a client’s legal options. Their experience also lets them help their clients make well-informed decisions. That way, injured parties feel confident about their choices and understand how to protect their legal rights.

File a Personal Injury Suit

Depending on how negotiations go, an auto accident victim may need legal action against the at fault driver. That could mean filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver whose  insurance provider was unwilling to compromise on a settlement. Sometimes, at-fault parties do not offer fair compensation until harmed victims take legal action.

What To Expect When Meeting With an Accident Attorney

Victims may wonder what to expect during the first meeting with their lawyer. Knowing how to prepare for the initial meeting can maximize a victim’s time with an attorney. Such insights also help injured parties take full advantage of the benefits the attorneys have to offer.

Case Assessment

After an initial phone consultation, lawyers must sit down with injured parties to understand the case thoroughly. Meeting face-to-face lets victims explain the accident’s circumstances and damages. An attorney may ask a few questions after the individual gives their account:

  • Did the person speak with insurance representatives? If so, what did the person say, and whom did the person speak with?
  • Did anyone witness the collision? Does the victim have the witness’s contact information?
  • Did the injured person speak to anyone else about the collision?
  • Does the victim have health insurance or car insurance?

Attorneys also get answers from medical documents, police reports, car repair estimates, and photographs. Victims should bring these items with them for their first meeting.

Full Disclosure

Harmed individuals must remember their attorney wants to help them, not judge them. Clients should not hold back information or lie about what happened during the accident. Embarrassing or potentially harmful details could become essential to a case. Withheld information could also compromise an issue, so it makes sense to share it. Victims must remember that they have attorney-client privilege, which protects details exchanged during the case.

Declining a Case

An attorney may not accept a person’s case, but that does not mean the person has a valid claim. The lawyer could have a conflict of interest, or they could have a full workload. Some legal professionals lack the resources and experience a specific case requires. However, you can always seek a second opinion from a different lawyer concerning your claim.

Accepting a Case

After an attorney accepts a case, victims may ask about likely outcomes. It makes sense that they want to know their case’s worth and when they should expect to receive compensation. Attorneys cannot accurately predict a claim’s resolution. Uncontrollable factors and variables influence car accident claims, and attorneys cannot foresee them all.

Deciding To Work With a Legal Representative

Even if the best car accident lawyer accepts a case, the client must agree to participate in the process. Clients must feel they can trust their lawyers and feel comfortable working together. To make a decision they feel satisfied with, injured parties should ask themselves a few questions:

  • What kind of history does the lawyer have with similar car accident cases in New York City?
  • Does the attorney have trial experience? If the case goes to trial, what are the attorney’s chances of winning?
  • Who handles the case? The lawyer or an associate?
  • Who covers litigation costs? How much does the lawyer charge in legal fees?

Potential clients should also understand the representation or fee agreement they sign. The document establishes the lawyer as the client’s legal representative. To access treatment records, clients could need to sign medical release forms.

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